How to keep your skin glowing while traveling

How to keep your skin glowing while traveling

Who doesn’t love traveling? Our skin! Traveling, especially in airplanes, can be very exhausting for our skin. Fortunately, there is a way how to avoid dehydrated, dull and aged skin after landing and arrive refreshed and looking fabulous! So how to keep your skin glowing while traveling? Check my simple skincare tips.

I’m so lucky that traveling is an essential part of my life and I love it! It’s so exciting, discovering new parts of the world or going back home to hug our loved ones. But spending long hours in the plane can be also exhausting and tiring. For example, my last flight took me 34 hours when I was traveling from Europe to Sydney.

Flying has its own specifics, the high altitude and pressurized, recycled air surrounding you on the trip. The extremely low humidity in plane cabins can cause dehydration of our skin very quickly. So my dry skin quickly becomes drier and drier. Surprisingly if you have an oily skin, you are not safe too. If your skin is dehydrated and loses water, it starts to produce more oil to combat the dryness. Sound crazy, right? But don’t worry, I get you covered!

healthy skin while traveling


Here are my beauty survival simple tips for healthy and glowing skin while traveling:

Pack your beauty bag

Being ready and having my skin care products on hand is crucial for me. Pack your beauty essentials in clear zip-lock bag so you can use them anytime you need. My travel beauty bag always contains lip balm, natural fruit oil (jojoba, rosehip or avocado oil), cleansing balm and hydrating tonic (use only when you arrive at the destination, not on the plane). And of course, deodorant, hand sanitizer, toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss. You can also pack a shower gel and take a shower in time between your connecting flights. And remember, the maximum size is 100 ml per product.

Get ready

Before going to the airport I always clean my skin and apply natural fruit oil only. When I’m traveling I always leave my skin naked and avoid wearing any makeup, foundation, and powder. It’s also a good idea to apply a sunscreen on your face and shut the shade during flight.

Hydrate and nourish

I love to order one glass of gin and tonic during my flight, but always make sure I’m drinking enough water too. I usually bring a large bottle of water to the cabin and when it’s empty I ask the flight attendant to fill it for me. When it comes to food on the plane, I have some snacks like protein bars, raw unsalted nuts and cut up fresh veggies prepared in my bag so I have a healthy option. Walk often in the aisle and stretch your body whenever you can. It’s so refreshing!

Good sleep and aftercare

When I arrived, there is nothing better than having a relaxing, hot shower. Then I clean my face from dead cells with gently scrub and apply moisturizer. I also apply a natural oil on my whole body.

And my last tip? Take a nap or long sleep. It’s so good!

So happy traveling, Gorgeous!


Madeleine xx

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  1. 1

    The last time I flew was the first time I’ve really tried to take care of my skin while flying (long haul Barcelona > Sydney = killer trip!) and I really noticed a difference – completely agree with your recommendation. Even just applying moisturizer during the trip helped a lot too. Hey – while I’m here, I’m after some advice for a exfoliation brush for my face.. do you have any recommendations? Thanks! Johanna

    • 2

      Hi, Johanna, that’s great you found the way how to take care of your skin during these long exhausting flights. I agree moisturizer is a lifesaver! I use a natural brush with jute bristles – it’s soft, gentle and I’m very happy with it. Hope you’ll find the best one for you!

  2. 3

    My skin can definitely play up when I travel. Love your tips here – I find my skin always dries out terribly on flights and moisturiser is a must have!

  3. 5
  4. 7
    • 8

      Hi, Katriza, I feel you, it took me ages to find the best products for my skin type. But when you find one, it’s a pure gold :).

  5. 9
    • 10

      Hi, Susan, currently I use apricot kernel oil and I’m happy with it so far. It’s a bit similar to sweet almond oil. This time I traveled with my baby girl so I had a coconut oil in my handbag too.

  6. 11

    Great tips! I never thought about how traveling in an airplane effects your skin, no wonder I used a whole tube of chapstick on the plane from the US to Bangkok!

  7. 13
  8. 15
    • 16

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