meet magdalena

Hello Gorgeous,

I’m Madeleine!

I’m a lifestyle, food, and wellness coach, green beauty lover and my obsession is helping others to discover how they can be beautiful inside & out without tons of makeup thanks to our mother nature.

A girl from a tiny village in Czech mountains living in sunny Australian beach, saltwater and ice cream lover and passionate traveler.

I love to combine my love for natural cosmetics with my previous experience from health coaching and archaeology. There are so many ancient skincare tricks and recipes proven by Cleopatra or Helen of Troy waiting to be used again. 

I believe that beauty comes from inside and the best beauty product is a smile. And it’s also the cheapest one.

Growing in the small village in Czech mountains was amazing. My mum taught me all kind of herbs and mushrooms and we made herb tinctures together. She used natural remedies to help me, my dad, and my little brother when we were ill. Now when I’m a mother too, I feel an even stronger urge to switch to choose safe and natural products for me and my family.

Even I loved the cold winter full of snow I couldn’t stop dreaming about swimming in the ocean and diving to the deepest part of it. At the age of 17, I met the best guy, my future husband, with same dreams and here we are, living in beautiful Australia since 2013.

Believing in yourself, feeling amazing in your skin, being confident and embracing your uniqueness.

Being kind, strong and brave.

Live the life to the fullest.

Those phrases are not just fancy Instagram quotes to me. I wish you, me and every girl in the world could live with knowing who we are, what we deserve and what are our gifts and passions that allow us to live happily ever after and be useful to others.

I’m still on my journey and it’s different from yours. But if I can assure you that you are a beautiful inside & out I consider my job done.


Madeleine xx